Skywhispers of Terrestrial Dreams

Skywhispers of Terrestrial Dreams is a wandering journey through a continuous and endlessly shifting dreamscape of contemporary circus arts that explores the liminal and ephemeral nature of our earthly dreams. Somewhere between waking and slumber exists a place where we may pursue our quest for liberation, reach the heights of our potential, indulge our appetite for the absurd and question our own sensibilities.

Three posters for Skywhispers of Terrestrial Dreams, by Breaking Circus

The dream of today is not the dream of tomorrow

In this performance installation, skywhispers from the astral realm reach out to issue warning, impart wisdom, carry healing, and offer insight into our past, present and future. If one actively listens, they may find meaning that is intended only for them. Can we embrace this transitional reality where provocation invites curiosity and the mundane is nuanced? Off the beaten path, time has no purchase and recovered details swiftly lose their edges. The dream of today is not the dream of tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. All is mutable.

Breaking Circus aerialist Ryan Gray performs during Skywhispers of Terrestrial Dreams.
Cast photo of Skywhispers of Terrestrial Dreams, by Breaking Circus.

About the artists

The diverse group of artists presenting this work are members of Breaking Circus Collective, the only Black-led professional contemporary circus troupe east of Montreal. Audio description/ whispers are an integral part of this performance installation.

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